Wednesday, 24 July 2013

TwinsUK 21st Anniversary Party

So I haven't blogged for awhile! Lazy me, I haven't got an excuse apart from being away for 3 weeks on tour but I've been back for almost three now! anyway a few weeks before i went away I went to the Twins UK 21st Anniversary party and was working there as a "Portrait artist". I had a badge and everything - It was a surreal experience, I felt like I was missing something, a twin!

As you can see from the above picture I was charging £5.00 per portraits

And here are some seriously small business cards I made, I mucked up a bit on the size.  They were almost impossible to read but I guess they're quite cute.

Josephine and Jennifer

Susan and Debra

Christine and Janet

 I found being a portrait artist a bit intense...well, doing it on the spot anyway.  It was so disconcerting having people there watching and judging you as you drew, although on the whole, everyone was lovely and really encouraging.  But I tried my best under the pressure.  I didn't have time for a break as  a lot of ladies wanted their portraits done but some twins very kindly got me some food from the buffet so i could at least try and eat something, I can't remember their names and I forgot to take a picture but if you two read this thank you very much!

So, anyone for a portrait......?